FCA Celebrates the Class of 2014

Foxboro Cable Access has scheduled a special weeklong line-up of programming beginning Friday, August 1st to Friday, August 8th featuring highlights of this year’s graduating class.  , August 1st, the programming will be shown on The Education Channel, (Comcast Channel 12 or Verizon Channel 37).


6pm Scholarship Night 2014
7pm FHS Graduation 2014
9pm Class Night 2014


10am POPS 2014 – Saturday’s Performance
2pm Spring Jazz Fest 2014
7pm Scholarship Night 2014
7:45pm Class Night 2014
10:05pm FHS Graduation 2014


8am Class Night 2014
10:30am FHS Graduation 2014
12:05pm Scholarship Night 2014
4pm POPS 2014 – Saturday’s Performance
8pm Spring Jazz Fest 2014

A selection of Senior Night sporting events will also be shown this week on the Education Channel.

Varsity Girls’ Basketball vs. Milford:  Mon 8/4 at 7 pm
Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Canton: Mon 8/4 at 8:30 pm
Varsity Football vs. Sharon:  Tues 8/5 at 7pm
Varsity Hockey vs. St. John’s Prep:  Wed 8/6 at 7 pm
Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse vs. Oliver Ames:  Thur 8/7 at 7 pm
Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse vs. Milford:  Thur 8/7 at 8:30 pm
Varsity Girls’ Soccer vs. Canton:  Fri 8/8 at 7 pm

Many of these programs are also available for viewing in the Video Gallery on the FCA website at:  www.fcatv.org .  For more information on FCA programming, training or volunteer opportunities,  please call Executive Michael Webber at 543-4757 or visit our studio at 28 Central Street in downtown Foxborough.


State Officials Confirm Emerald Ash Borer Detected in Suffolk County

Department of Conservation & RecreationThe Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and the Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) today announced that the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has been detected in Suffolk County, Massachusetts. The destructive beetle was detected in a trap at the Arnold Arboretum  on July 16, 2014, and was confirmed by federal officials on July 18. Suffolk County is the third county in the Commonwealth to have a confirmed detection of EAB.

DCR and DAR officials are working in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and the U.S. Forest Service to take a number of swift proactive steps aimed at slowing the spread of the invasive beetle, including:

  • Defining a quarantine area that would only allow the movement of certain wood products under certain conditions;
  • Conducting a delimiting survey to help identify the extent of the infestation;
  • Working with stakeholders to ensure they know how to properly treat or dispose of infested trees and materials; and
  • Maintaining a ban that has been in place against bringing any firewood into state parks and forests.

“The presence of Emerald Ash Borer in our state represents a serious threat to our ash trees,” said DCR Commissioner Jack Murray. “We are taking swift action to address the infestation, educate the public, and work to mitigate any impact an infestation could bring.”

“It is important for the public to remain vigilant and to report any ash trees with signs of Emerald Ash Borer damage,” said DAR Commissioner Greg Watson. “Early detection of new infestations will help slow the spread of this pest.”

In August of 2012, EAB was detected in Berkshire County in the Town of Dalton.  In November of 2013, EAB was confirmed in Essex County in the Town of North Andover. DCR instituted county-wide quarantines of Essex and Berkshire counties shortly after the EAB was discovered. To date, 23 states across the country have confirmed detections of EAB. DCR has received $125,000 in funding from the USDA ‘s APHIS and $60,000 in funding from the U.S. Forest Service. DCR has also spent $185,000 to combat infestations of EAB.

Regulated items that would fall under quarantine include:

  • The Emerald Ash Borer, in any living stage of development;
  • Firewood of all hardwood species;
  • Nursery stock of the genus (Ash);
  • Green lumber of the genus (Ash);
  • Other material living, dead, cut or fallen, including logs, stumps, roots, branches, and composted and uncomposted chips of the genus (Ash);
  • Any other article, product or means of conveyance that an inspector determines presents a risk of spreading EAB and notifies the person in possession of the article, product or means of conveyance that it is subject to the restrictions of the regulations.

Emerald Ash Borer is a small, metallic green beetle, native to Asia, which feeds on ash trees. It was first discovered in North America in 2002, in the Detroit, Michigan area. Unlike many other invasive beetles, EAB kills ash trees quickly, within just 3 to 5 years, because it bores directly under the bark and disrupts the tree’s conductive system. Since its discovery in North America, it has killed millions of ash trees and has caused billions of dollars in treatment, removal and replacement costs to address the infested trees.

Ash is a main component of the northern hardwood forest in Massachusetts and is a common species in western Massachusetts. Ash is also a popular street tree in eastern Massachusetts.

“Unfortunately, tens of thousands of trees are needlessly killed by invasive tree-killing insects and diseases every year,” Andy Finton, Conservation Programs Director for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Massachusetts. “If everyone makes the commitment to take one simple step – not moving firewood when they travel or camp – we can work together as a Commonwealth to save both newly planted and already existing trees from being lost from our roadsides, backyards, and natural areas.”

Residents are urged to take the time to learn the signs of EAB damage which include:

  • Tiny, D-shaped exit holes in the bark of ash trees, dieback in the upper third of the tree canopy, and sprouting of branches just below this dead area.
  • In the winter months, signs of EAB infestation left by woodpecker activity on ash trees. Fresh, light-colored wood pecks stand out against the darker bark of the tree. Severe woodpecker activity at the base of the canopy or on the main stems may indicate possible EAB infestation and should be reported to state forest health personnel immediately.
  • The Emerald Ash Borer is an emerald-green metallic beetle so small that seven of them could fit on the head of a penny.

DCR and APHIS will be scheduling listening sessions in Suffolk County in early September to provide the community with information relative to the finding and address questions. To report suspicious tree damage or insect sightings, or to learn more about this pest, visit www.massnrc.org/pests. You can also call the toll free EAB hotline at 1-866-322-4512.

More information about EAB at http://emeraldashborer.info.


Splitsville Luxury Lanes taking shape at Patriot Place


The largest bowling pin in New England has found its place atop Splitsville Luxury Lanes at Patriot Place. The 38-foot-tall bowling pin was created by Barlo Signs on Monday, July 28, and installed via crane atop Splitsville later that night. At its widest point, the pin is 19-feet wide. The pin will light up at night and has the ability to change colors for different occasions throughout the year. For example, the pin will feature red, white and blue lighting during Patriots games, green lighting on St. Patrick’s Day, pink lighting during breast cancer awareness month and so on. Splitsville Luxury Lanes will be opening at Patriot Place this summer.

FCA Awards Scholarship

2014 FCA Scholarship John MitchellFoxboro Cable Access is pleased to award its 2014 Scholarship to John Mitchell who will be attending his second year at University of Massachusetss in Lowell majoring in Sound Recording Technology. “Since 7th grade, when I bought my first hard disk recorder, I have dreamed of working in a music studio with the best musicians and with the best equipment to make excellent music.” Speaking about his passion for the art of communication, he added “Like music and visual arts, communication relies on quick problem solving skills as well as attention to detail.” John is a 2013 graduate of Foxborough High School and worked as sound technician for the Music Dept. during his high school years. At UMASS Lowell, he served as an intern for the college radio station WUML and effectively deejayed, set up live bands and made connections in the communication industry.

FCA Executive Director Michael Webber recently presented Mitchell with a $1000 check at the FCA Studio Offices at 28 Central Street in downtown Foxboro, wished him good luck, and invited him to come back and take advantage of the equipment and facilities that are available at no charge to town residents.

As a commitment to higher education, the FCA Board of Directors has offered a $1000. Scholarship every year since 1985 to any town resident who is pursuing a degree program in the Field of Communications. Applications are distributed in the spring. For more information, please call Foxboro Cable Access at 543-4757 or visit our website at www.fcatv.org .

Danny Nickerson Celebrates Birthday

Patriots, Public Safety Officials Throw Danny Nickerson a Surprise Birthday Party Unlike Any Other

Cops for Kids with Cancer and the New England Patriots teamed up Saturday, July 26, to treat Foxborough’s Danny Nickerson to a special birthday party at Patriot Place and Gillette Stadium.

It started with a simple wish for birthday cards a week before his sixth birthday and ended with a birthday celebration unlike any other at Patriot Place and Gillette Stadium on Saturday, July 26.

Danny Nickerson, a Foxborough boy with an inoperable brain tumor, celebrated his sixth birthday on Friday, July 25, with a trip to Legoland in Boston before meeting New England Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft at Gillette Stadium.

During the visit, Danny and his family toured the Patriots’ trophy room before taking a walk onto the Gillette Stadium field, where they were greeted by Pat Patriot, the team’s official mascot, and Patriots Cheerleaders.

“We got out on the field and Danny’s name was up on the video boards, which was absolutely awesome,” said Daniel Jamieson, Danny’s father. “I never thought one of my family member’s names would be up on the video board in Gillette Stadium.”

Kraft presented Danny with a card signed by the entire New England Patriots team and a gift bag, which included Patriots-themed toys and a customized Patriots jersey. Following the special field visit, Patriot Place treated Danny and his family to a birthday lunch at SkipJack’s.

“Seeing Danny smile so much has been amazing,” said Jamieson. “Everything Mr. Kraft and the Kraft family have done to help out my family and show support for my son is incredible.”

The show of support for Danny didn’t stop there, as Cops for Kids with Cancer organized a surprise birthday party for the six-year-old and his family at Patriot Place and Gillette Stadium on Saturday, July 26.

“Hopefully this helps Danny and his family know they aren’t alone,” said Burlington Police Sgt. Gerard McDonough, one of the organizers of Saturday’s event. “I’ve read that Danny can feel alone and sad at times, so we want the family to know they are not alone and they are not fighting alone.”

Danny’s special day began with a convoy of more than 100 police, fire and EMS vehicles arriving at Gillette Stadium shortly before 9 a.m. Hundreds of public safety officials representing more than 40 communities throughout the region then gathered on the steps of Patriot Place’s grand staircase to sing “Happy Birthday” to the guest of honor.

“Seeing all the police, firefighters and motorcycle riders showing up to support my son is absolutely emotional and really nice,” said Jamieson.

The celebration continued on the first floor of CBS Scene with a public safety-themed birthday cake that featured a photo of Danny on a motorcycle and a presentation of birthday cards and gifts from each agency, including a motorized toy police car from Boston Police, which Danny drove around NRG Plaza until the power ran out.

“It’s been an incredible and emotional day,” said Canton Police Deputy Chief Helena Rafferty, who also serves as President of Cops for Kids with Cancer. “Every little boy loves police and fire and it is such an honor to be part of this special day.”

Foxborough police officer Stephen McGrath said participating in Saturday’s celebration was important to the department because Danny is a relative of one of their sergeants.

“We knew that participating today would be just one way to demonstrate our support to Danny and his family, and also to our sergeant,” said McGrath. “I know how important it is to them and I think they need to know not only the Foxborough Police Department is behind them, but the support extends throughout law enforcement and communities across the region. This event brings everything into focus for us and we are honored to be a part of it.”

After cake and presents at CBS Scene, the party moved to Patriots Training Camp where another surprise was waiting for Danny.

Toward the end of practice, Kraft invited Danny and his parents onto the field where the entire team, including head coach Bill Belichick, gathered around the Foxborough family and sang “Happy Birthday” to Danny.

“It’s been an incredible day for Danny and the Patriots singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to my son was a real touching moment that will stay with me for the rest of my life,” said Jamieson.

Danny’s mother, Carley Nickerson, was equally grateful for all the support her family has received since making a public request for birthday cards for her son.

“It’s overwhelming,” Carley said. “Everyone has been amazing. They’ve all come together and are here for our little boy.”

Danny has received more than 150,000 birthday cards in the 10 days since his wish was made public. Some cards have been sent from as far away as Japan, and mail is still coming in.

“It’s been amazing to see him so happy,” said Carley. “He loves getting mail.”

For Sgt. McDonough and Cops for Kids with Cancer, the goal for Saturday was a simple one – make Danny and his family smile.

“As long as Danny was smiling and we gave the family some happy memories it was mission accomplished for us,” said McDonough. “We are very grateful to the Kraft family and the Patriots organization for giving us the venue to be able to do this and we were very happy for the show of support to Danny and thank all the officers who were able to come out.”

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