For over 30 years Foxboro Cable Access (FCA) has provided an opportunity for Foxboro residents to produce local television programs for the Foxborough community. FCA is a non-profit corporation responsible for operating three cable TV channels on the Comcast and Verizon cable system in Foxborough Massachusetts. Interested residents are encouraged to contact us to learn more about how you can get involved. FCA volunteers produce many different types of programs, including: Church Services, Local Sports, Community Events, Local Music, Local Talk Shows, Foxborough Historical Society, Public Forums, and Government Meetings.

Public Access Television: (Comcast Ch. 8 / Verizon Ch. 39 ) FCA is committed to provide a vehicle for the airing of locally produced programming, created by a diverse variety of individuals, groups and organizations within our community. This programming is non-commercial in nature, and the producer has full creative and editorial control. In the production and airing of this programming, FCA makes channel access, equipment, facilities and expertise available to all segments of our community. FCA may not exercise editorial control except over unprotected speech and obscenity.

Educational Access Television: (Comcast Ch. 12 / Verizon Ch. 37) FCA administers channels to allow the airing of programming produced by FCA staff, faculty and students of community educational institutions. Programs usually center around the activities of schools or colleges and may include fully televised courses of instruction. Educational programming is often cablecast on channel 8 due to equipment limitations.

Government Access Television: (Comcast Ch. 22 / Verizon Ch. 38) Gavel to Gavel coverage of local government public meetings is the mainstay of this programming, but programs that are informative or satisfy the need of the community, such as fire safety, health, recreational or employment opportunities provided by local government are also offered. Government programming other than live meeting coverage is cablecast on channel 8.

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