Code of Conduct (Child Protection)

NOTE: FCA Staff and active volunteers are required to have a signed code of conduct form on file with FCA.

A PDF version of the form is available here.

This policy has been incorporated into the FCA Guidelines for Community Television, Section II

To protect FCA staff, volunteers, and program participants, at no time during an FCA program may a staff person or volunteer be alone with a single child where the staff person or volunteer cannot be observed by others.

Staff shall not abuse children or use corporal punishment of any kind.  This includes physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, or neglect.  Any type of abuse will not be tolerated and is cause for dismissal.

Staff and volunteers will respect children’s rights to not be touched in ways that make them feel uncomfortable.  A child’s right to say “No” is to be encouraged and respected.  Children are not to be touched in areas of their bodies that would be covered by a bathing suit.

Staff and volunteers may use appropriate touch including pats on the back or shoulder, side hugs, handshakes, high fives, and fist pumps.  Staff and volunteers will refrain from full frontal hugging, touching of personal areas, or patting of the buttocks.

Staff and volunteers will not give gifts or special favors to individual children, or show preferential treatment to a child or group of children to the exclusion of others.

Staff and volunteers will have limited and appropriate private interactions through social media, computer or handheld devices with any children in the program.

Staff and volunteers will respond to children with respect and consideration and treat all children equally regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual identity, or culture.

Staff and volunteers will refrain from intimate displays of affection toward others.

Adult staff and volunteers will not be alone with children they have met through FCA activities. This includes babysitting, sleepovers, and inviting children to their home.  

Participation in FCA activities does not normally include transportation to or from any event. Under normal circumstances, staff and volunteers are not to transport children alone in their own vehicles.

Staff and volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend child sexual abuse prevention training.

Staff and volunteers are required to report any suspicion of child abuse to the proper authorities (Foxborough Police Department)

I understand that any violation of this Code of Conduct may result in termination of staff member or letter of disinvite to a volunteer.


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