Classic Arts Showcase

Classic Arts Showcase (CAS) is a television network that provides viewers with short 3-5 minute video clips of classic art performances. The network operates similarly to the original format of MTV in the 1980s, with no schedule or predetermined order of play.

Much like a modern-day jukebox, Classic Arts Showcase offers a diverse selection of classic music, dance, film, and visual arts performances for viewers to discover, enjoy, and appreciate.

Classic Arts Showcase airs on the Education Channel
(Comcast 12, Verizon 37) daily from midnight to 6AM.

History of CAS on Foxboro Cable Access

Since the 1990s, Foxborough Cable Access (FCA) has been rebroadcasting Classic Arts Showcase (CAS) on their Education Channel, with the signal being received via a satellite receive station located at Foxborough High School. This collaboration allowed residents of Foxborough to enjoy CAS’s unique programming, providing easy access to the finest classic music, dance, film, and visual arts.

However, with the shift in technology from analog to digital, the satellite station became obsolete, and FCA faced challenges in acquiring the CAS feed for several years. Despite this, FCA remained committed to bringing high-quality arts programming to its viewers.

Starting on September 21, 2020, CAS returned to the FCA Education Channel, thanks to a high-quality internet stream. This development has made it possible for FCA to continue offering CAS’s legendary performances to its viewers, inspiring them to appreciate and attend live performances in their own communities.

At FCA, we are proud of our partnership with CAS, and we remain committed to providing our viewers with access to the best arts programming available.

More About Classic Arts Showcase

Classic Arts Showcase (CAS) was the vision of Lloyd E. Rigler, who wanted to bring the world’s greatest performances to a wider audience. After noticing declining audience numbers for live performances, Rigler aimed to create a 24-hour non-commercial arts network to foster a wider appreciation of classic arts nationwide. CAS is downlinked by hundreds of channels across the country at different times, with different schedules, making each weekly eight-hour show a surprise for viewers. The goal is to generate excitement and build a new audience for a wide range of performances. CAS is fully funded by the Lloyd E. Rigler – Lawrence E. Deutsch Foundation, allowing it to present legendary performances with no commercial interruptions and no cost to the viewer. The foundation’s goal is to inspire viewers to attend live performances in their own communities and to build a growing audience for the arts.

For more information, visit the Classic Arts Showcase website:

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