2010 Annual Report: President’s Letter

Photo of FCA President Paul Beck
Paul Beck greets guest during the Foxboro Cable Access Grand Opening in June 2010

January 6, 2011

Dear FCA Community Volunteers and devoted Staff members,

 The Year 2011 will be another banner year for the Foxboro Cable Access Community. We are finally in our very own facility at 28 Central Street and starting another ten-year collaboration and association with our Cable Service provider Comcast as well as an eleven year partnership with Verizon. It is certainly an exciting new year

 I would be severely remiss if I did not also flag the fine achievements which our many Foxboro Cable Access producers have completed with Local Programming.

 Charlie Masison has again served the Town and FCA with distinction in the continuation of his ongoing series “Behind The Scenes.” Hearty congratulations to Charlie for the many years of dedicated service and quality programming which he and his team share with the Town of Foxborough

 Neil Kaiser has also served as the Producer/Director for dozens of Sports & Music programs related to the Ahern Middle School and Foxborough High School. They provide wonderful mementos for the young men and women and all the teachers and instructors in those educational programs.

 Once again this year, FCA was invited to cover the prestigious “Neponset Valley Philharmonic Orchestra” in their performance series at the elegant Showcase Cinema at Patriot Place. Producer Mike Everson and his team executed flawless coverage and video capture of that superb concert.

 So too, Lauren Bitar produced the “Concerts-On-The-Common” series capturing marvelous events and preserving them for the talented musicians themselves and for the townsfolk.

 Candidly, the list of successes and accomplishments by so MANY individual FCA volunteers fills several pages, and sadly, space does not permit me to name each volunteer or the great programs and assistance they have produced for our community benefit. We are very fortunate this year to again have a very dedicated and skilled group of Senior Tax Volunteers working quietly in the background to assist with administrative operations, studio improvements and preparations for the relocation.

I must make a special note of high praise and sincere appreciation to Executive Director Michael Webber, Administrative Assistant Marg Nash, and Master Control Technician Lauren Bitar whose superb professional skills and can-do approach got us through the past year.

 Within the fabric of FCA there has been, and continues at this writing, an awesome amount of upheaval and distraction as planning for the new facility took deep root. Now the actual exodus plan is activated and FCA continues in high gear for Phase II of the relocation process. None of this could have happened without Mike Webber’s outstanding managerial skills and insight into the whole process. He, in turn, has had great support from Marg and Lauren and a dedicated core of FCA volunteers who helped the relocation process take wings. They each deserve our great respect and appreciation as this vastly complex undertaking approaches culmination in 2011.

Photo of BJ Bjork and Frank Quinn hanging a Homer White painting on loan
BJ Bjork (left) and Frank Quinn hang the Homer White painting showing our building circa 1910 with the trolley line in front. The painting is part of a collection of Homer White scenes around Foxboro owned by TD Bank and donated for use in the town. It is entrusted to our care by the

Finally, a special note of appreciation and congratulations to the Board of Directors of Foxboro Cable Access, Inc, for their unstinting dedication, firm resolve to stay-the-course, combined wisdom, unlimited good common sense, and deep commitment to excellence in programming and operational procedures at all levels, for the entity we all know as FCA. Special thanks to departing Board Member Paul O’Sullivan for his years of service and his good counsel.

No president of any organization in Foxborough could have a more dedicated and talented team, and no town in North America has a better local community access television production operation and volunteer base than Foxborough, Massachusetts.

Best wishes to you all for a great new year in 2011. Please do plan to visit us in our new home at 28 Central Street.

Most sincerely yours,

President and Chairman
Foxboro Cable Access, Inc.

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