Benefit Auction – November 6th

Control Room personnel at Foxboro Cable Access will be ready to beam the auction live to our faithful viewers. We will also post a live stream number so the auction can be viewed from anywhere

Once again, the work of legendary artist Homer White will be featured in the annual Foxboro Cable Access / Doolittle Home auction, scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 6, as it has been since the fund-raising event was launched with the help of the Foxboro Jaycees seven years ago.

Another one-of-a-kind item will be a small hand-made quilt, suitable for hanging, that features nine images of familiar buildings around town reproduced on squares of cloth and shown into place by Dawn Pratt, daughter-in-law of Doolittle President Joanne Pratt. Shown are the Steamer Shed, Foxborough State Hospital, Town Hall, the Common, Foxborough Senior Center, Memorial Hall and Doolittle Home.

For anyone who knows a home handyman who also enjoys Chess, tthe auction could prove most interesting. Imagine a totally hand-crafted chess board in contrasting colors of wood with chessmen created in the form of various hand tools – a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, a drill, pliers and the like. It was created by a true craftsman, Kester Flagg, whose mother was a resident of Doolittle Home until she passed away earlier this month.

Sports memorabilia and ticket packages will also be top items for the big board, hand-knit sweaters and quilts will be up for bid that are certain to become family treasures, hand-made greeting cards that are a delight to send, and if you happen to know a home handyman who enjoy

Raising interest in the Big Board items just in time for Christmas giving, Representative Jay Barrows (left) and Senator James Timilty are mainstays of the auction, spicing up the bids with a few add-ons and a lot of one-upsmanship.

The annual auction is a major fund-raising effort for Doolittle Home, which is a 501(c)3 public charity that must demonstrate outside support. The full proceeds of the auction directly benefit residents of the Home.

The auction will be televised live on Channel 8 by Foxboro Cable Access on Saturday, November 6. Donations are solicited on behalf of the residents. Arrangements can be made by calling Doolittle Home at 508-543-2694.

Residents benefit

The goal of the auction this year is to purchase an improved model of whirlpool tub for the nursing unit, where it would have therapeutic value to residents. O

ther residents would enjoy it as well, as one

could simply step in, close the door, and enjoy the rising warm water swirling around their bodies while the attendant nurse rubbed their back.

Last year, auction proceeds purchased an adjustable diagnostics table for the unit, providing not only greater comfort but a higher margin of safety as residents have but to sit and are raised into place, then lowered to a reclining position for treatment and examinations.

The prior two years were devoted to raising funds for the purchase of a wheelchair accessible van used to transport residents to medical appointments and social events.

Once the van was on the road, Doolittle Home reached out to wheelchair bound veterans in Foxboro, offering to provide transportation to medical appointments if they lack access to other options.

Foxborough Quilt, showing seven familiar scenes in Foxborough, was especially hand-crafted by Dawn Pratt, daughter-in-law of President Joanne Pratt, especially for the Foxboro Cable Access/Doolittle Home Auction.

Now in its 95th year, Doolittle Home offers unique retirement options to those who enter under the Life Care plan, where all their needs are met the remainder of their lives based on a single up-front payment plus their monthly Social Security or pension payments. Similar benefits are available under the Residency Plan on a monthly basis as long as health and finances allow. Doolittle Home also offers Respite Care for those caring for an elderly loved one at home. There is a minimum one-week stay. Doolittle Home has its own fully accredited Nursing Unit available to residents. As a public charity, Doolittle Home provides all of its services at substantially less cost than available on the open market.

Donations are tax deductible and will be posted on the Doolittle Home web site as they are received. They can be viewed at

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