Board of Health Notice on Flu Shots

Foxboro Board of Health Flu Shot Notice
Creative Commons Photo by: blakespot

This year, the Board of Health will be getting a very limited supply of flu vaccine.
Due to the directive of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, that supply
must be prioritized to persons without insurance and persons whose insurance does not
cover the cost of flu vaccine.

The best place to get a flu shot is at your doctor’s office. However, some physicians do
not offer the vaccine. In that case, there are many other places that offer flu shots.

Many retail pharmacies are offering flu vaccine. Some of the pharmacies will bill
insurance companies directly for the vaccine, but some stores expect payment up front,
and will provide a receipt to submit to the insurance company for reimbursement. It is
important to check with your insurer in advance as to whether they will reimburse for a
vaccine administered outside of a physician’s office.

For persons with no insurance, or whose insurance does not cover the cost of
the vaccine, call the Board of Health for more information. (508-543-1207)

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