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Ahern Students Present Beauty and the Beast Jr.

Ahern School Presents: Beauty and the Beast Jr.


FOXBORO, MA – Come see Beauty and the Beast Jr. live on stage proudly presented by the students of the Ahern Middle School.  Dancing flatware, menacing wolves and singing furniture will  fill the stage in this beloved fairy tale about very different people finding strength in one another and learning how to love.

Once upon a time in a faraway land, an Enchantress turns a cruel, unfeeling Prince into a hideous beast.  To break the spell, the Beast must learn to love another and earn her love in return before the last petal falls from an enchanted rose.  Dancing flatware, menacing wolves, and singing furniture fill the stage with thrills in this beloved fairy tale about very different people finding strength in one another and learning how to love.

Show Dates:

Friday, April 29th at 7:30pm
Saturday, April 30th at 2pm and 7:30pm
Sunday, May 1 at 2pm
Tickets $7 General Admission.
For tickets call Caroline Clark (508) 543-3780 or Christine McDonald (508) 698-2776

Click here to view the official Beauty and the Beast Jr. Flyer


E. Coli Alert in Foxboro, MAThe following is the official alert from the Foxborough Water Department:

Our water system routinely monitors for the presence of drinking water contaminants to ensure the safety of the water supply.  On March 16, 2011, our water system was notified that a water sample collected on March 15, 2011 from Well # 6 tested positive for E.coli or enterococci, which is a fecal indicator.  Well #6 is one of 13 wells that supplies drinking water to our system.  When we learned about the E. coli, enterococci positive sample, the well was turned off on March 17, 2011 after sampling.

During normal operations, water from Well #6 is pumped from the ground and it is disinfected with chlorine to kill fecal indicators, including E.coli, enterococci.  The chlorinated water is delivered to you.  Chlorinated water samples from the water distribution system were also collected on March 15, 2011.  None of the chlorinated samples tested positive for E.coli, enterococci.  Only the untreated sample from Pumping Station #2 well tested positive.

A new regulation, the Ground Water Rule, requires us to notify you while we collect more samples, wait for the results, and inspect our water system to determine if a risk to fecal contamination exists.


  • You do not need to boil your water but you should discard all ice, food products and formula made with tap water collected on or before March 15, 2011.

  • E. coli, enterococci is a fecal indicator and it was detected in the well water for your system. Even though the well with the fecal indicator is no longer in use the USEPA requires us to provide you with this Notice and the following information on fecal indicators. “Fecal indicators are microbes whose presence indicates that the water may be contaminated with human or animal wastes.  Microbes in these wastes can cause diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headaches, or other symptoms.  They may pose a special health risk for infants, young children, some of the elderly, and people with severely compromised immune systems.” These symptoms can also be caused by issues unrelated to drinking water.  If you experience any of these symptoms and they persist, or, if you have specific health concerns, you may want to discuss such concerns with your doctor. General guidelines on ways to lessen the risk of infection by microbes are available from the EPA Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791

  • Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools, and businesses).  You can do this by posting this notice in a public place or distributing copies by hand or mail.


While we continue to evaluate the situation and wait for the results of sampling, to determine if a risk of contamination exists we are doing the following:

Repeat sampling of the source Well No. 6 have been taken.  A total of (5) five repeats were taken with a delay time of 30 minutes between sampling until which time that the quantity has been met.  Additional sample will be taken from Well No. 4 and Well No. 5 as well.  Once samples have been completed, the well shed area will be shut down on 3/17/2011 and taken out of service and will not be put back into service until a complete evaluation/inspection has been done.  This information will also be available through the Town of Foxboro Website and Foxboro Cable Access – Comcast Channel 22 & Verizon 38 – Water Department section.

We are in contact with MassDEP who is evaluating the actions we are taking to ensure safe water is being delivered to you.  If a risk of contamination exists, you will receive additional notification.


Contact Leo R. Potter at 508-543-1209. Website address:



The Un-Common Theatre Co announces auditions for Improv Soup


The Un-Common Theatre Co announces auditions for Improv Soup, their teen improvisational troupe.

Students currently in 8th – 10th grade may make an appointment to audition on Saturday April 2nd from 2 – 3pm.

Improv Soup is one of the few teen Improv Troupes in Massachusetts and is currently in their thirteenth season. The troupe performs long and short form Improv, based on audience suggestions, rehearses weekly on Sunday evenings and performs one Friday a month in Foxboro, Ma during the school year

Email to make an appointment giving your name, phone #, email address and grade or call (508)698-3098 or check the web site for more information




The Foxborough Board of Health would like to advise the community that April is Rabies
Awareness Month. Millions of adults and children are treated each year, in the United
States, for animal bites and scratches. We would like to remind you about the importance
of getting your dogs and cats vaccinated against rabies, which will reduce the risk of
animal bites and other potential rabies exposures.

We will be sponsoring our annual RABIES CLINIC with Dr. Moschella on Saturday,
April 2, from 8:00 to Noon, at the HIGHWAY GARAGE on Elm Street.
Hours will be 8:00 – 10:00 for cats and 10:00 – 12:00 for dogs.

People can reduce their risk from rabies by taking the following precautions:

  1. Avoid contact with wildlife, including strange dogs and cats.
  2. Bat-proofing your home.
  3. Make sure your pet is vaccinated.
  4. Educate your children on ways to avoid being bitten.

For more information on rabies prevention, contact the Board of Health at 543-1207 or
visit the MDPH web site at