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Ripping Off the Bandaid

Episode #25

Ritche Farrell

From the Heart

Episode #24

Our guest is Chris and Kathi Sullivan…Chris played in the NFL for the Pats and was part of the SB team in 2000. He is in longterm sobriety and speaks about his struggles to area schools. Wife Kathi, founded Taylors Message, a foundation about Alcohol Prevention after losing her daughter who drowned with 20 girls watching. #communitymedia #addiction #opioidcrisis

Comedian Turned Counselor

Show Notes:

Willy Drinkwater
Education, Lecturer, Counselor
Twitter: @WillyDrinkwater

THE MAP EPISODE 19 – Mental Health Roundtable

Show Notes:

Sen. Cindy Friedman
Website –

Beth Starck
Recovery Coach

Charles King
Motivational Speaker

THE MAP EPISODE 18 – Mother-Daughter Promise

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Guest: Michelle Schwartzmier