Foxboro Election Results – May 7, 2012 (Unofficial)

FOXBOROUGH, MA – Here are the results for the Foxboro Annual Town Elections, which were just announced at the Ahern School polls.  Election warden, Kathy Brady announced the results:

6,196 residents voted in the elections, there are 10,763 registered voters in the Town of Foxborough.

Selectmen (Vote for 2)

Lorraine A. Brue 3505
Lawrence J. Harrington 2612
Virginia M. Coppola 3613
Martha P. Slattery 2472

Assessor (Vote for 1)

Michael K. Laracy 4546

School Committee Member (Vote for 2)

Bruce D. Gardner 4351
Catherine Maureen Owens Kominsky 4274

Water & Sewer Commissioner (Vote for 1)

Michael P. Stanton 4504

Board of Health Member (Vote for 1)

Paul Mullins 4317

Boyden Library Trustee (Vote for 2)

Ellen Pillsbury 4448
Frances Theby Spillane 4443

Planning Board Member (Vote for 2)

Gordon W. Greene 4395
Kevin P. Weinfeld 4307

Housing Authority Member (Vote for 1)

Candace L. Loewen 4471

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