Foxborough Election Results – May 4, 2015 (Unofficial)

FOXBOROUGH, MA – Here are the results for the Foxborough Annual Town Elections, which were just announced at the Ahern School polls.

Election warden, Kathy Brady announced the results:

Selectmen, For Three (3) Years
(Vote for 2)

Lorraine A. Brue 1113
Virginia M. Coppola 1301
Christopher P. Mitchell 1599
Lynda Walsh (Write In) 295

Assessor, For Three (3) Years
(Vote for 1)

Michael K. Laracy 1777

School Committee Member, For Three (3) Years
(Vote for 1)

Christina M. Belanger 1727
Bruce D. Gardner 1723

School Committee Member, For One (1) Year
(Vote for 1)

Lawrence P. Thomas 1100
Marilyn A. Weiss 1142

Water & Sewer Commissioner, For Three (3) Years
(Vote for 1)

Michael P. Stanton 1745

Board of Health Member, For Three (3) Years
(Vote for 1)

Paul A. Mullins 1707

Boyden Library, For Three (3) Years
(Vote for 2)

Collin H. Earnst 1652
Deborah O. Stone 1664

Planning Board Member, For Three (3) Years
(Vote for 2)

Gordon W. Greene 1697
Kevin P. Weinfeld 1662

Housing Authority Member, For Five (5) Years
(Vote for 1)

Write In 0

Housing Authority Member, For Four (4) Years
(Vote for 1)

Gregory P. Spier 1723


“Shall the town vote to accept the provisions of section nineteen B of chapter forty-one of the General Laws and thereby provide permanent tenure for Robert E. Cutler, Jr. the present incumbent in the office of town clerk?”

Yes 1157
No 1157

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