Live School Committee Coverage Tonight

Foxboro School Committee Coverage, LiveThe Foxborough School Committee is scheduled to meet tonight (Monday, June 4th) at 7pm in the Foxborough High School Media Center.  FCA will air the meeting live on the Education Channel (Comcast 12/Verizon 37) and online at

Foxborough School Committee Meetings are replayed on the Education Channel (Comcast 12/Verizon 37) during the following times:

Fridays at noon
Saturdays at 7pm
Sundays at 12pm & 7pm

Residents can also watch previous meetings online by browsing through the  FCA video directory.

The following agenda has been posted:

Foxborough School Committee Meeting Agenda

7:00 Citizen’s Input
7:10 Approval of Minutes
7:20 Teaching & Learning Highlights – Ms. Debra Spinelli

2nd Place, High School Construction, Career Day
Mr. Ralph Dibona, Ms. Ellen Pillsbury
Students: Nicholas Roche, Nathaniel Storrer, Mike Tally and Ryan

7:30 Introduction of new Igo Elementary School Principal – Mr. Michael Stanton
7:40 Kindergarten Science Adoption – Dr. Amy Berdos and Ms. Alison Mello
7:50 Textbook Adoption – Dr. Amy Berdos

  • High School Health
  • High School Woodworking
8:00 Policy Revision – Ms. Bevie Lord, Ms. Kate Kominsky

  • Second Reading of Policies:
    Wellness – ADF
    Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Students – IJNDB
8:10 Public Hearing – New MA Educator Evaluation System –
Ms. Debra Spinelli

  • Decision by School Committee to Adopt or Adapt
8:30 Process and timeline for Superintendent Evaluation
8:50 Other Matters
9:00 Executive Session – To discuss the draft of collective bargaining agreement for the Foxborough Educational Secretaries’ Association, as an open meeting may have a detrimental effect on the bargaining position of the school Committee. The Committee will return to open session for an update of the agreement and a vote by the Committee.
9:30 School Committee vote on proposed collective bargaining agreement for the Foxborough Educational Secretaries’ Association

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