School Committee Meeting Monday

Ms. Katie Adair, Bruce Gardner, Ms. Beverley Lord, Ms. Tina Belanger, Stephen P. UddenThe Foxborough School Committee will meet Monday, January 6th at 7pm in the Foxborough High School Media Center.  FCA will air the meeting live on the Education Channel (Comcast 12/Verizon 37) and online at

Foxborough School Committee Meetings are replayed on the Education Channel (Comcast 12/Verizon 37) during the following times:

Fridays at noon
Saturdays at 7pm
Sundays at 12pm & 7pm

Residents can also watch previous meetings online by browsing through the  FCA video directory.

The following agenda has been posted:

Foxborough School Committee Meeting Agenda

7:00 Visitors
7:10 Approval of Minutes
7:15 Teaching and Learning Highlights
How Does Professional Development Come Alive?
Ms. Karen Washburn, Grade 3, Burrell
Mr. Drew Gentile, Grade 4, Taylor
Ms. Darisa St. Germain, Library Assistant, Burrell
7:30 Ready School Assessment Certification
Dr. Amy Berdos, Mr. Mike Stanton, Mr. Pete Regan, Ms. Michele McCarthy and RSA Team Representatives
7:40 Proposed 2014-2015 FHS Program of Studies
Ms. Diana Myers-Pachla
7:50 FY 15 Budget – Continued Discussion
Ms. Debbie Spinelli, Mr. Bill Yukna

  • Details on Expansion of PE at FHS
    Ms. Diana Myers-Pachla, Ms. Janelle Erskine,
    Ms. Laureen White
8:15 Preliminary Discussion of FY 15 Capital Improvement Plan
8:25 FY 14 Budget Update
Mr. Bill Yukna
8:35 Approval of the 2014-2015 School Calendar
Ms. Debbie Spinelli
8:45 Other Matters

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