Storm Update from Town of Foxborough, Tuesday, 11am

Foxborough Town SealThe Town of Foxborough’s Emergency Management Team conducted a 9:00 A.M Conference Call to assess the present impacts of the Blizzard of 2015. Based on that call, the following statement has been issued.

Power outages remain minimal. National Grid reports that only 5 locations have been without power but they estimate that power will be restored before Noon time today.

Roads remain treacherous but are open for emergency vehicles and essential travel only. Town Officials continue to remind residents and businesses to stay off the roads until further notice. At present time, the weather service estimates that snow will continue to fall into the early morning hours of Wednesday. DPW crews are doing everything they can to get roads open but by keeping vehicles off the road, they are able to do their job much more safely and efficiently.

The Town’s Winter Parking Ban remains in effect until tomorrow morning at 6:00 A.M. This ban may be extended if the conditions of the storm continue to impact local roads.

The Fire Department and Police Department continue to report minimal responses at this time. They appreciate the cooperation of the community in staying off the roads.

The Town has not activated a shelter at this time. Minimal power losses has reduced any need for this level of service at this time. If the conditions change and the need for a shelter is required, Town Officials are ready and able to activate this service with very little notice.

The Town’s Emergency Operations Center has been established as a precaution but has not been activated at this time.

Key Phone numbers are:
Loss of Power- 508-543-1212 or 508-543-4343
Emergency Response- Dial- 911

DPW crews are cleaning streets as best as possible and they are trying to clear sidewalks at the same time. Surface conditions are not expected to improve until several hours after the storm has ended due to the amount and the drifting nature of the snow.

Schools and Town Offices are closed for today but no determination has been made about tomorrow at this time. The Emergency Management Team will be conducting another conference call at 4:00 P.M. this afternoon to reassess road and facility conditions. A determination on School Closing will be made at that time and notifications will be sent out at that time. Town Office opening will be based on the ability to access the building by tomorrow morning.

Finally a reminder to all residents that the storm is still not over and and conditions remain very difficult on roads and sidewalks. We encourage residents to stay in their homes until further notice. Our next Press Release will be issued following our 4:00 P.M, conference call.

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