Updated Notice from Town of Foxborough

During this current period of public emergency, the Town would like to provide citizens with as much information as possible.

First, please be aware that additional public safety personnel are on duty and available around the clock.  If you need non-emergency help or have questions, please call 508-543-1212.

  • The Board of Health advises that if you are in doubt about food safety, please dispose of it by double bagging and sanitary disposal.  Trash pick-up is being arranged for those with road access issues.
  • Foxborough’s drinking water is safe, but our capacity is 30-40 percent below normal.  Outside usage is banned during the emergency period, and we urge people to conserve water use in your home.
  • Be cautious and alert for any downed wires or other power supplies and do not approach these potentially lethal hazards.
  • In preparation for the restoration of power, please disconnect all electronic devices due to potential surge hazards.
  • Any persons needing medical equipment power recharging or other medical needs may visit the Public Safety Building for assistance or call 911
  • The compost area on Elm Street will be open continually until further notice and at no charge for deposit of brush and leaf litter.
  • The Town will update this advisory daily or as additional information becomes available.
  • Seniors, please drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.

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