Portable Camera Workshop

Free Training Workshop Announced

JVC 150U Camcorder / Basic Camera Workshop

Understanding basic camera operation and shooting principals are critical, especially for single camera shoots.

KNOWING YOUR TOOLS – Learn the basic operation of the JVC GY-HM150U High Definition Camcorder, along with our 10 tips for success.

Workshop topics include:

  • Review of Camcorder Features
  • Checkout Process & Media Cards
  • How to Setup the Camera
  • Shooting Tips
  • Protecting Footage Files

Workshop Presentation
This presentation is designed to augment workshop discussion and has been placed here for future reference. You may find this information confusing if you have not attended this workshop.

FCA offers this and a number of other FREE workshops throughout the year for interested residents. For more information, please email info@fcatv.org or call the studio at 508-543-4757.


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