Emergency Preparedness: Mass Responds

Watch Physician Focus on FCA's Public Access Channel 8/39 December 6th @ 6:30pm
Watch Physician Focus on FCA's Public Access Channel 8/39 December 6th @ 6:30pm

Responding to public health emergencies quickly and efficiently is a challenge facing public officials and private citizens alike. The Medical Reserve Corps, established after 9/11 by the Federal government, enlists volunteers to help their communities in emergencies and to provide outreach and services throughout the year. Additionally, the Massachusetts System for Advanced Registration, or MSAR, is a program of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and has created a statewide corps of health care professionals who will volunteer in a public health emergency. And now a new entity – Mass Responds – is emerging.

The December edition of Physician Focus takes a close look at how emergency preparedness and response work in Massachusetts on the state and local levels. It will examine how the state responds to emergencies, the relationship between the state and local communities, how the new entity of Mass Responds will affect emergency preparedness and response, and the roles concerned citizens can play in responding to emergencies in their own communities.

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December 6th – 6:30pm

December 7th – 10:30am/6:30pm

December 8th – 10:30am/6:30pm


Mary Clark, Director, Emergency Preparedness Bureau, Department of Public Health, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Suzanne Salamon, M.D., Associate Director of Geriatrics, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Volunteer, Brookline Medical Reserve Corps

Dawn Carmen Sibor, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Brookline Department of Public Health


James Kenealy, M.D., MetroWest ENT Associates, Framingham and Milford

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