Special Workshop: The Future of Sports Production

On Thursday, February 4th FCA will host a special workshop, “The Future of Sports Production” for interested FCA volunteers and Foxborough residents.

This will be an opportunity to learn more about emerging 4K and High Frame Rate technologies and their use in professional sports.

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Thursday, February 4th
6:30 PM
FCA Studio
28 Central Street


The evening will kick off with a video presentation recorded at Emerson College on January 27th featuring industry experts.

With the super bowl less than a week away, this workshop will provide timely insights into the latest and greatest TV technology. Watch the Super Bowl with a new perspective on what’s happening behind the scenes.

With any technological advancement there’s also new  challenges, let’s learn togeather.

Topics will include:

  • What is 4K and UHD?
  • 4K versus High Frame Rate
  • IP Based Facilities

Following the video presentation the group will engage in a group discussion. lead by FCA President Paul Beck.

Executive Director will also share information on Super Bowl 2016 and three new technology that will be deployed for the big game.

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Photo Credit: Creative Commons image used with permission from Flickr user Max and Dee Bernt

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