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Phosphorus concentrations continue to lead to harmful conditions in Crackrock Pond

Phosphorus concentrations at Crackrock Pond failed to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for the 5 th year in a row, according to a report from the Neponset River Watershed Association (NepRWA). In 2021, concentrations of Phosphorus remained 10 times higher than the EPA standard throughout the sampling year (May-October). While the Neponset Reservoir just upstream has struggled with Phosphorus pollution for decades, NepRWA first detected severely elevated concentrations of phosphorus at Crackrock Pond in 2017, which then skyrocketed in 2019, when levels
were 100 times higher than recommended. Though phosphorus concentrations have come down in the last two years, they are still well above the criteria for a healthy pond. As a result, the Pond is completely covered in aquatic plants and the water is almost entirely devoid of oxygen.

“Phosphorus is necessary for plant growth, but naturally is found in very low concentrations. Because of this, it is often the ‘limiting’ resource in the freshwater environment. We tend to see algal growth when
Phosphorus concentrations increase – because all the other required nutrients are likely already there,” explains Dr. Sean McCanty, NepRWA’s River Restoration Director. “Aside from the aesthetic factor, the
real problem is that when these extra plants and algae eventually die, they get eaten by bacteria. This process consumes oxygen – in extreme circumstances the dissolved oxygen levels get so low that fish and other animals die”, he adds. Data from NepRWA’s water monitoring program show that low oxygen conditions, referred to as “hypoxic” conditions, were observed from June through September of 2021 below Crackrock Pond.

“Another danger of elevated phosphorus is that certain types of algae, like cyanobacteria, produce toxins harmful to people and lead to beach closures. This has become an issue at other places in the watershed, like Lake Massapoag in Sharon” says Ian Cooke, NepRWA’s Executive Director. “In addition to the impact on Crackrock Pond, that elevated Phosphorus also flows downstream into the mainstem of the Neponset and can cause similar issues,” he added. Other parameters that the Association tests for, including pH and E. coli, were at acceptable levels
according to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) standards.

Neponset River Watershed Association | 2173 Washington Street, Canton, MA 02021 | 781-575-0354 |

The water quality monitoring program that collects this data is part of a larger watershed restoration effort. Throughout the Neponset River Watershed, efforts to improve water quality, restore river and
salt marsh habitat, and reconnect the streams to allow fish passage are all underway. “All of these issues are connected,” says McCanty. “Removing old dams helps prepare our communities for climate change,
improves fish passage and dissolved oxygen levels, and can limit the amount of algae overgrowth.

Replanting along the riverbank helps filter storm runoff and stabilize the banks, improving water quality for fishing, boating, and swimming.,” McCanty adds. The Neponset River Watershed Association is a local environmental non-profit that publishes an annual report on the health of the local streams and Neponset River in Foxborough and neighboring towns that drain into the Neponset River. The water quality data used in the report is collected as part of the Association’s volunteer-based “Community Water Monitoring Network” program, that collects water
samples monthly from May to October to test for constituents that impact safety for recreation and wildlife.

For the full water quality report visit NepRWA’s website:

FCA Scholarship 2022

Foxboro Cable Access continues to encourage higher education in the Communications Field by offering a $1000 scholarship annually. Any Foxboro resident is eligible to apply if they are pursuing a college degree in this field.

Applications are available at the FCA Studio at 28 Central Street, Foxborough High School Guidance Office, The Boyden Library, Town Hall and can also be downloaded from the link below.

Completed applications must be returned to the FCA studio by the deadline of Friday, May 13, 2022 If you have any other questions, please call Foxboro Cable Access at 543-4757.

2019 Scout Pancake Breakfast

Sunday, March 24th
7:30 am – 11:30 am
Ahern School Cafeteria

Tickets $5, kids under 5 are free

Friend of Scouting Raffle: great raffle baskets and items up for grabs.

Tickets available at the door or from any Scout in town.  

Please support Foxboro Scouts and enjoy a breakfast of all you can eat pancakes, with bacon, sausage, orange juice, milk, coffee or tea.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit another local nonprofit.

Hosted by Pack 70, Pack 116, Troop 7, Troop 32, Troop 314

Sturdy Hospital – Beware of Unauthorized Solicitation

Sturdy Memorial Hospital Logo

Sturdy Memorial Hospital does not endorse or allow any company, organization, magazine or other publication to use the Hospital’s name in direct or telephone solicitation.

With the holidays approaching, this annual warning is issued by the Sturdy Memorial Foundation, Inc., the Hospital’s parent organization, which is solely responsible for Sturdy Memorial’s fund-raising efforts.

            “Anyone who uses the Hospital’s name while attempting to solicit donations or gifts does so without authorization,” says William Florentino, Chief Marketing & Development Officer. “Those wishing to make a contribution during the holiday season are encouraged to call the Development Office at 508/236-8008 or make a donation online at This will ensure their gift is used for the purpose they intend.”

New FCA Program Documents A Day On Lady Warriors’ March To State Title

“Day 77: On the March to a State Championship” is the story of the practice session held on the 77 th day of the 2017-2018 Foxboro High Lady Warrior Basketball Team’s 111 day season.

Volunteer producer Matt Shea was granted exclusive permission to videotape the session and worked with Head Coach Lisa Downs to achieve an authentic tone. Narrated by starting center Shannon Smally and FCA Volunteer Mike Everson, the program takes you through the drills, coaches’ talks, game reviews, scrimmages and preparations for the upcoming game along with player’s recollections of practice and the season. It will premiere July 20 th at 8 pm on The Public Access Channel (Comcast 8 / Verizon 39) and repeated at other times through the following

Taping “Day 77: …” was the brainchild of FCA volunteers Mike Everson and Matt Shea. In January, they approached Coach Downs with the idea and she agreed. According to Shea, the question at the time was “What would we do with it?” Everson responded, “If we don’t record it, we don’t have it!” and on Sunday, February 11 at high noon FCA cameras were rolling at the FHS gym.

The question of “what to do with it” was answered on Saturday, March 17 at the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield, when the Lady Warriors captured their first State Championship in 23 years. A promotional preview of the program is currently playing on the FCA website, Facebook, and YouTube.

The complete playback schedule will be posted and will also be available for viewing anytime on the Foxboro Cable Access website … … by searching the Video-On-Demand collections.

To learn more about FCA’s training workshops, programming or operations, please visit the website at:, or contact Executive Director Michael Webber at 508-543-4757.