The Money Game Premieres in January

The Money Game
Left to right sitting Jacqueline Brandt, Michelle Brandt, Host Michelle Gustafson, Erica Brandt, sitting on Michelle's lap, Allison Brandt, standing left to right David Brandt and Autumn Brandt

Foxborough resident and National Board Certified Teacher Michelle Gustafson has created a new television series that teaches valuable money management principles.  Utilizing local talent, along with the equipment and resources of Foxboro Cable Access Michelle has turned her passion for teaching and financial literacy into a local TV program.

Michelle has already produced four episodes, that include financial themes such as:

  • Financial Freedom is your CHOICE
  • Pay Yourself FIRST
  • Don’t put all your FINANCIAL EGGS into one basket
  • Assets FEED you, liabilities EAT you.

Gustafson says, “Games are the best way to learn and the easiest way to teach.  In the “The Money Game”, the KIDS ARE THE PIECES, they move around the whole room (aka…the game board) using their income as they would in real life.”

Watch the entire mini-series on Foxboro Cable Access beginning January 13th at 4pm on the Public Access Channel – Comcast 8 / Verizon 39.

Get involved:  “The Money Game” show is seeking mothers and daughters (Kids ages 10-14) who would like to participate in future episodes.  For more information call Michelle at (508) 930-8881

Episode 1 & 2 will air:
Jan 13 – 15 at 4pm
Jan 14 – 16 at 8am & 4pm
Jan 27 – 29 at 4pm
Jan 28 – 30 at 8am
Episode 3 & 4 will air:
Feb 10 – 12 at 4pm
Feb  11 – 13 8am
Feb 24 – 26 at 4pm
Feb 25 – 27 at 8am

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