Town of Foxborough Notices Ahead of Winter Storm

  • Foxborough Town SealAll Town Emergency Plans are ready to go (If needed).
  • Prepare your homes to be shelter in place for the next 48 hours.
  • Monitor the snow loads and ice dams on your roofs, as well as on your decks:
    • Safely remove any large amounts of snow from your roofs today if possible. Please use proper safety procedures when doing so
    • Call the Building Inspector’s office if guidance is needed 508-543-1206
  • During the snow storm Please stay off the roads so the plow operators can do their jobs clearing the roads.
  • There is a Parking Ban on the roads throughout the town for Saturday 6:00pm to Sunday 6:00pm.
  • Please do not put your snow in the street – this will help to keep everyone safe
  • Neighbors please check on Neighbors to ensure safety
  • Please clear around your hydrant if you are able, but do so carefully being mindful of traffic that may not be able to see you
  • Please check that your outside heating ventilation is uncovered to avoid inadvertent carbon poisoning
  • Use common sense and be safe

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