New FCA Program Documents A Day On Lady Warriors’ March To State Title

“Day 77: On the March to a State Championship” is the story of the practice session held on the 77 th day of the 2017-2018 Foxboro High Lady Warrior Basketball Team’s 111 day season.

Volunteer producer Matt Shea was granted exclusive permission to videotape the session and worked with Head Coach Lisa Downs to achieve an authentic tone. Narrated by starting center Shannon Smally and FCA Volunteer Mike Everson, the program takes you through the drills, coaches’ talks, game reviews, scrimmages and preparations for the upcoming game along with player’s recollections of practice and the season. It will premiere July 20 th at 8 pm on The Public Access Channel (Comcast 8 / Verizon 39) and repeated at other times through the following

Taping “Day 77: …” was the brainchild of FCA volunteers Mike Everson and Matt Shea. In January, they approached Coach Downs with the idea and she agreed. According to Shea, the question at the time was “What would we do with it?” Everson responded, “If we don’t record it, we don’t have it!” and on Sunday, February 11 at high noon FCA cameras were rolling at the FHS gym.

The question of “what to do with it” was answered on Saturday, March 17 at the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield, when the Lady Warriors captured their first State Championship in 23 years. A promotional preview of the program is currently playing on the FCA website, Facebook, and YouTube.

The complete playback schedule will be posted and will also be available for viewing anytime on the Foxboro Cable Access website … … by searching the Video-On-Demand collections.

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